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The Tri-Valley Spare the Air Resource Team invites you to join the effort to Spare the Air in the Tri-Valley!

The Tri-Valley Team is working on two projects:

Idle-Free Tri-Valley — Idling means leaving a vehicle’s engine running when it is parked or not in use. Drivers can save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by simply turning the ignition key. Over 1,500 parents, teachers, friends and family members have already signed the Idle-Free pledge! Sign the pledge and you’ll be entered into a monthly prize drawing. Help spread the word — sample newsletter articles suitable for use in your school or community newsletter, and other resources are available.

Commute Solutions — Traffic congestion and long commutes can be stressful for employees and costly in terms of time and money for both employees and businesses. Employee commute programs that promote the use of alternatives to driving alone – carpools, vanpools, public transit, bicycling, walking or telecommuting – can help attract and retain good talent, lower employee stress levels, and even save the company money.

On June 5, 2014, the team will partner with the Contra Costa County Spare the Air Resource Team to host a workshop for employers exploring these benefits. The workshop will include an update on transportation projects that will help address traffic congestion in the region. The workshop will be held at the City of Dublin Council Chambers, 100 Civic Plaza in Dublin. For more information please contact Stephanie Anderson.

For more information about the work of the Tri-Valley Spare the Air Resource Team, please contact Stephanie Anderson at 510-763-2500 ext. 1 or via email.

Member Organizations

  • 511 Regional Rideshare
  • 511 Contra Costa
  • ACE Train
  • Bishop Ranch Transportation Center
  • City of Dublin
  • City of Livermore
  • City of Pleasanton
  • City of San Ramon
  • Edenred USA/Commuter Check
  • Enterprise Rideshare
  • Hacienda Business Park
  • Office of Supervisor Scott Haggerty
  • Office of Supervisor Nate Miley
  • RidePal
  • Roche Molecular
  • Safeway
  • Safe Routes to Schools/TRANSFORM
  • Wheels/LAVTA

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