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Idle Free in Napa Valley

The Napa Valley Clean Air Coalition is part of the Idle Free Bay Area program, educating parents and community members about a simple way to save money, save gas, and reduce air pollution while waiting to pick someone up. The Coalition may provide bookmarks, pledge forms, and brief presentations for groups. Contact at 510-246-8840 ext. 301 if you would like information on how to support this program.


Clean Transportation Meetings

The Coalition offers an incentive program for meeting organizers to encourage their participants to choose alternative, clean transportation travel modes - such as carpooling or public transit - to attend meetings or events. If you are a meeting organizer and interested in learning about this program contact at 510-246-8840 ext. 301.

The Coalition also shares information on clean air practices throughout Napa County by participating in a variety of community events. Over the last 12 months, these included: 

  • sponsorship of a public service video on the three-feet bicycle safety rule
  • sponsorship of Bike to Work Day 
  • participation in multiple Safe Routes to Schools events
  • coordinating an active transportation information table for County of Napa employees at their annual wellness fair
Napa Valley Car Free

The Coalition is partnering with Visit Napa Valley to encourage more sustainable tourism in the Napa Valley, helping reduce air pollution caused by traffic congestion.

If you would like to join the Coalition in its efforts to improve air quality and reduce traffic congestion in Napa Valley, please call at 510-246-8840 ext. 301.


Member Organizations
  • City of Napa
  • County of Napa, Planning
  • Enterprise Rideshare
  • Live Healthy Napa County
  • Napa Chamber of Commerce
  • Napa Climate NOW
  • Napa Downtown Business Association
  • Napa Valley Bicycle Coalition
  • Napa Valley Transportation Authority
  • Office of Supervisor Brad Wagenknecht
  • Pure Luxury
  • Safe Routes to Schools
  • Solano Napa Commuter Information
  • Sustainable Napa Valley
  • Visit Napa Valley

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