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Employers can do a lot to Spare the Air by joining the Spare the Air Employer Program. Register for the program today and utilize resources and downloads to Spare the Air in your company.

Spare the Air Employer Program - Work, Home, Life

Businesses Can Help to Spare the Air

What is the Spare the Air Employer Program?

The Spare the Air Employer Program consists of employer coordinators informing their workforce of impending Spare the Air days, educating employees about the ways individuals can improve air quality, and motivating them to take action.

How does it work?

When a Spare the Air Alert is issued, coordinators are sent an email around 1 PM the previous day asking them to notify their employees. Providing the notification the day before allows employees time to arrange carpools, figure out transit schedules or bike routes, or get permission to telecommute, thereby reducing the number of commute trips taken on a critical air quality day.

Implementing a Clean Air Policy.

For many coordinators, educating their employees before and during the season and alerting employees when a Spare the Air day is called is all their schedules or budgets permit. Some employers choose to go all out to help reduce air pollution in the Bay Area by holding contests or fairs with games and prizes. There are plenty of program ideas in-between.  

Tools to help you.

We have many tools to help you with your program. On this website you will find a myriad of resources for you, including general information about air pollution and its causes and articles, tips, and graphics for company newslettersRegister for the program and get started.


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