View entertaining and interactive resources for teachers, families, and students to help inform young people about air quality and the environment.

The Clean Air Primer brings home the causes and consequences of air pollution and shows what we can do about it. An exciting, visually rich, and compelling interactive experience, the Clean Air Primer explores the science of air pollution, demonstrates its impacts, and offers solutions through the use of original geo-spatial movies, videos, photos, graphics, and animations.

The Air District has designed and piloted the first comprehensive climate change curriculum in California. Protect Your Climate includes 16 lessons for 4th and 5th grade students that focus on air pollution, energy, waste reduction and transportation. The curriculum addresses state standards for life, earth and physical science, mathematical reasoning, investigation and experimentation, visual and language arts, reading comprehension and history and social science.

Watch this short, entertaining video, in which a perky gang of computer-generated bugs offers pollution-prevention tips around the yard and household. (Available in Windows Media Player format.)

Smog City is an interactive air pollution simulator that shows how environmental factors, land use decisions, and your own daily choices contribute to air pollution. In Smog City you're in control, so your visit can be a healthy or unhealthy experience depending on the decisions you make.

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