Refinery Flare Monitoring

View data summarizing monthly flaring activity at Bay Area Refineries.

The refinery flare monitoring data on this webpage is derived from reports submitted by each refinery to the Air District on a monthly basis.

These reports are submitted 30 days after the end of each month and include monitoring data for each flare that is subject to the requirements set down in the Air District’s Regulation 12, Rule 11. Reports undergo processing and quality assurance and may take an additional 60-90 days after the required submittal date to appear on the website.

Flare data prior to 2015 is available through a Public Records request.

Notes on graphs 

  • For each flare, a separate graph is generated from the monitoring data for each pollutant reported: methane, non-methane hydrocarbons, and sulfur dioxide.
  • Pollutant emissions are estimated based on calculations from direct vent gas flow measurement and do not represent a direct measurement of actual emissions. For each day of the month, each graph plots measured vent gas flow volume (in standard cubic feet) to the flare on the left "Y" axis, and the estimated pollutant emissions (in pounds per day) on the right "Y" axis.
  • The “Y” axis ranges of vent gas flow volume and emissions vary for each individual graph.

Flare Refinery Archives:   2020  |  2019  |  2018

 Refinery - Flare Name  Report by Month - 2020
 Chevron Richmond
 Alky-Poly  1/20 2/20              
 D&R  1/20 2/20              
 Fluidized Catcracker  1/20 2/20              
 Hydrogen (H2)  1/20 2/20              
 Low Sulfur Fuel Oil  1/20 2/20              
 North Isomax  1/20 2/20              
 Richmond Lube Oil Project  1/20 2/20              
 South Isomax  1/20 2/20              
Phillips 66 Rodeo
 Main  1/20 2/20              
 MP-30  1/20 2/20              
 Shell Martinez
 Clean Fuels Area  1/20 2/20              
 Light Oil Products  1/20 2/20              
 Ops. Central  1/20 2/20              
 Ops. Central Flexigas  1/20 2/20              
 Tesoro Martinez
 Main Refinery  1/20 2/20              
Ammonia Plant 1/20 2/20              
50 Crude Unit 1/20 2/20              
 Valero Benicia
 Acid Gas  1/20 2/20              
 North  1/20 2/20              
 South  1/20 2/20              

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