Air District Operations

During this difficult time, the Air District is taking steps to ensure Bay Area air quality and public health are protected while the shelter-in-place orders in the Bay Area and throughout California are in effect. Read more... | en Español

Research and Modeling

Find out how the Air District uses modeling to understand pollutant behavior, estimate exposure levels, help with regional planning, support permit applications, and more.

Research and Modeling Support

Air District staff perform a variety of research and modeling activities, including:

  • Investigating the formation of ozone, particulate matter, and air toxics in the Bay Area using state of the art meteorological, emissions inventory, and air quality models.
  • Studying the transport of ozone, PM, and their precursors within the Bay Area and between the Bay Area and neighboring air districts.
  • Assessing emissions control strategies.
  • Predicting the impact of future changes (such as climate change) on pollutant levels.
  • Assessing the public health impacts of ambient pollutants.
  • Collaborating on air quality studies with other organizations and agencies.
  • Supporting the preparation of smart growth planning and  Clean Air Plans.
  • Providing technical support to Air District programs such as:

Models and Modeling Tools

The Air District uses the following air quality models and related tools:

Planning and Climate Protection
General Planning Information


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Last Updated: 8/20/2014