EV Charger Demonstration

Learn about how to participate in an electric vehicle charging station demonstration project.


This program is closed. Please visit the Grants section of the website to view other incentive opportunities at the Air District.

A report on the Program Results is available under the “Resources” section below.

Program Summary

Up to $900,000 in grant funding is available for the Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station Demonstration Program (Program), which will provide up to 90% in grant funding for the deployment of new, publicly available EV charging stations along major transportation corridors, at workplaces, and at key destinations.

Funds for this project will be awarded to public agencies that are located in the Air District’s jurisdiction through a competitive grant application process that seeks to maximize the cost-effectiveness of reducing petroleum usage and air pollution. In addition, the Program prioritizes projects that are “shovel-ready”, incorporate renewable energy (i.e., solar and wind), help to fill gaps in the region’s charging network, and are located in Air District designated Community Air Risk Evaluation (CARE) Program areas.

Information gathered from the Program will be compiled into a White Paper to document the Program’s environmental, economic, and operating benefits. Program Grantees will be required to maintain stations, meet minimum usage requirements, and report EV charging station usage and demand data for a minimum of three years. Project sponsors/grantees will also be required to participate in roundtable discussions to share lessons learned and best practices.


This program was made possible by a grant from the Reformulated Gasoline Settlement Fund (Fund). Created as a result of an antitrust class action, the purpose of the Fund is to achieve clean air and fuel efficiency benefits for California consumers.


Only public agencies are eligible. Non-public entities are encouraged to visit the webpages that provide information about grant opportunities for Businesses & Fleets and Residents.

How to Apply

This program closed on December 18, 2015 and is not accepting applications.

Grants Programs Information Request Line, Strategic Incentives


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