Flex Your Commute Pledge

Flex Your Commute is a new campaign that provides resources for employers to help them develop commute programs for their employees. Employers play a vital role in encouraging their employees to commute via transit, bicycling, carpooling, vanpooling, walking, or using telework. The goal is to improve employee well-being and help retain quality employees while creating a culture of commuting innovation. In the Bay Area, transportation is the number one source of air pollution, greenhouse gases, and traffic congestion. Commuters spend hours driving alone, costing them and their employers time and money. Employers encouraging sustainable commute habits reduce employee stress and improve health.

The Flex Your Commute Pledge

By signing the Flex Your Commute pledge, your organization agrees to become a commute champion and partner with your employees to create a better way to work. Encouraging your employees to commute by transit, carpool, vanpool, bicycle, or by utilizing telework is good for your company’s bottom line and good for your employees’ health. Providing commuting assistance offers a benefit that helps retain quality employees, while improving air quality and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.