Community Resource Teams

The Community Resource Teams are currently inactive, as of July 2023.

Started in 1991, the Community Resource Teams bring together civic groups, agencies, businesses, and environmental organizations that meet regularly and work collaboratively to implement projects that promote cleaner air.

There are currently eight Community Resource Teams that actively partner with the Air District. Each team receives support to develop and carry out projects that help address the unique air quality concerns of their neighborhoods and communities. Activities range from creating challenges, promoting local awareness campaigns, and participating in regional initiatives. Participation with a Community Resource Team is voluntary and does not satisfy compliance with the Bay Area Commuter Benefits Program.

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Contra Costa County

A cornerstone of the Contra Costa County Resource Team is Idle Free Bay Area, a program dedicated to educating parents and community members about simple ways to save money and gas while reducing pollution.

Marin County

The Marin County Resource Team, in partnership with Safe Routes to School Marin County, launched the Park and Walk Program in 2019 to encourage families who typically drive to park and walk a short distance to school. The program was implemented in four pilot elementary schools and is helping to reduce traffic and pollution on school campuses. 

Napa County

Hallmarks of the Napa County Resource Team include hosting clean transportation meetings, participating in Idle Free Bay Area, and partnering with Visit Napa Valley to encourage sustainable tourism and reduce air pollution from traffic congestion.

San Francisco County

The San Francisco Spare the Air Resource Team is working to encourage San Francisco commuters to explore clean air commute alternatives such as carpooling, bicycling, taking a ferry, vanpooling or taking public transit – anything but driving alone to work! Participants in the team’s Fit Trips Challenge, which promotes the health and wellness benefits of alternatives to driving alone, are featured in video interviews.

San Mateo County

In support of reducing traffic congestion and greenhouse gas emissions, the San Mateo County Resource Team developed the Active Trips Promoter Guide and created a prize drawing to promote alternatives to driving solo.

Santa Clara County

From Tales of the Commute, a toolkit to help employers assist employees in choosing commute alternatives to driving alone, to commuter interviews, the Santa Clara County Resource Team focuses on reducing air pollution and commute-based traffic congestion.

Sonoma County

Community Transportation Fairs, hosted at public centers and with employer partners, and Go Sonoma are centerpieces of the Sonoma Resource Team’s work to provide residents with easy, accessible information on transportation alternatives to driving.

Southern Alameda County

Southern Alameda Resource Team outreach has spanned webinars and workshops for city staff and collaborations with Safe Routes to School to raise awareness about the expense and waste of idling.

Tri-Valley Area

To make clean air a shared community commitment, the Tri-Valley Resource Team created the Air Quality Impact Award (AQIA) to acknowledge businesses that work to reduce their carbon footprint through clean commute choices and launched Idle Free Tri-Valley to support residents in lowering vehicle emissions.